Hear Our Voices

A selection of student comments on the program

The BPM program has helped tremendously with developing my scientific literacy in terms of the brain and processes of the body that induce various emotions. It has helped me immensely with my mental health journey to a point that I have told other people at UofT to most definitely consider BPMH as an amazing option.

5th-Year Student

PHL, BPM, Bioethics

Throughout my time at U of T I’ve witnessed the institution grow more mental health informed, and as a student employee of health and wellness, I’ve seen how influential this program has been to my coworkers personal, academic, and professional development. As well, this program inspires student to take action on their own campus, with students and alumni offering much needed mindfulness programming at U of T. U of T would be taking a massive step backwards in its efforts of bettering mental health on campus, and furthering mental health research off campus, by ending this program.

5th-Year Student

Women and Gender Studies

As someone who enrolled in UofT with the hopes of eventually working in clinical psychology, since the psychology program is largely research-based, I was worried that UofT was not going to provide me the skills and knowledge necessary for my future career. Once I became aware of the BPMH program, I instantly enrolled with the prospect that I could use my knowledge of a practice that is universally healing in order to help my future clients. If this program were to shut down I would be lost. Not only has the course I have attended comforted me in knowing that I want to be a clinical psychologist in order to help more people have access to this type of healing, but it has also helped my own personal growth as a person. I do not feel that any other program or course has had the same impact.

3rd-Year Student

Psychology Major, Anthropology & BMPH Minor

The BPMH program has been an asset in developing my academic and social skills. Through workshops, courses, and connecting with instructors this program has helped me improve my academic abilities. From first year I have improved my marks and understanding of content due to guidance and skills developed through the BPMH program. I cannot stress how instrumental this program has been in turning me into the student and person I am today. Furthermore, the peers and professors I met in this program have allowed me to gain new perspectives on both well-being and my academic endeavors. It is no coincidence that focusing on improving my mental health has gone hand in hand with improved academic performance.

3rd-Year Student

Neuroscience Specialist, BPMH minor

As a passionate mental health advocate planning to pursue a career in psychotherapy, this minor was intended to be the cornerstone of my degree, bridging the gaps between the different areas of study I’ve selected. The content I’ve learned in the BPMH program has been vital in broadening my horizons and helping me to apply perspectives from other programs. Being enrolled in such a multidisciplinary minor helps me bring this lens to other areas of study, always considering new opportunities with an integrative mindset, leaning into rich discourses.

Seeing the benefits of learning outside the classroom, I’ve been able to engage with traditional communities and teachers, as well as deepen my meditation practice. This has had an enormously positive impact on my mental health, in addition to the benefits of being engaged in a program which is so well aligned with my values, passions, and career.

2nd-Year Student

Evolutionary Anthropology Major, Indigenous Studies Minor, BPMH Minor

The BPMH program has helped enhance my career as a trauma-informed life coach and given me tools to share with my clients that have been life-changing. In addition, the education I’ve received in these courses has impacted my life in transformative ways. I have also gained scientific literacy in terms of reading and understanding psychological research which has been crucial in writing my book which was published in September.

5th-Year Student

Women’s Studies major, BPMH and English minors        

I have transferred my learning from my BPMH programs to all other aspects of my life. A big focus of the BPM courses that I have taken is about self-exploration and becoming more curious about how I respond to different things. This perspective has helped me to reduce my stress, enjoy working on my assignments more, manage my time better and be more present during my classes. Another big focus of the courses that I have taken has been seeing how our actions impact society at large and how we can more effectively contribute to society. I think that the skills and perspectives gathered from this program are invaluable in today’s society especially given the plethora of mental health issues and violence that is happening in the world today. The program prepares us to be the fiercely compassionate leaders that we need in the world today; ones who lead by example, understand others and look at more of a holistic picture to come up with the best solutions to problems.

4th-Year Student

Major in Cognitive Science with a double minor in Education & Society,  BPMH Minor

The BPMH program was a ray of hope for potential future endeavours as I reach the end of my graduate studies. As a Buddhist monk and researcher of Tibetan Buddhism, I am so hoping that this opportunity to establish intersections between Buddhism, Science and contemplative disciplines is continued. This is an emerging conversation, not a dying one. U of T will fall behind other institutions embracing these emerging fields if the program is cancelled. Look at the Contemplative Sciences Centre at the University of Virginia as an example.

3rd-Year Ph.D. Student


The BPMH program has been invaluable in cultivating my multidisciplinary relationships. It has improved my involvement with other programs by providing distinct insights into the human mind and behaviour. I’ve improved my scientific literacy and developed a sophisticated grasp of psychological concepts entwined with Eastern philosophy thanks to this curriculum. My capacity for a variety of job and educational pathways has been enhanced by this, as it has given me adaptable abilities in critical thinking, empathy, and holistic approaches to mental health.

5th-Year Student

Health Studies Major, Linguistics Minor, BPMH Minor

As a fourth-year science student, science has always been extremely analytical and methodological, however this course has broadened my view of the scientific field and expanded my horizons in what I now feel is possible for me to accomplish. Many other peers of mine have had similar experiences with the BPM courses.

4th-Year Student

Physiology, psychology, immunology     

In the BPMH program, there is a community of people actively striving for mental wellness, something the university is seriously lacking otherwise. In my first year at UofT, I felt like I was struggling. In classes, I felt like professors didn’t care about me or my mental wellness, which made me feel alone. In second year when I joined the BPMH program, my stress and my struggles were not only seen by my professors, but they were relieved when I went to class and when I wrote assignments and tests. I didn’t know that university didn’t have to be about suffering until I joined this program

3rd-Year Student

Psychology, Biology, BPMH

This was the formative program of my time at U of T. When people ask about my university experience, the things I talk about are not my dorm experience, nor my philosophy degree, nor Woodsworth events — it’s the professors and students and lessons I learned in BPMH that I sing the praises of.


Philosophy specialist, BPMH minor        

This program has changed my life. Without it I would not have been the person I am. Without it I would have never been able to even survive UofT


Neuroscience, and Buddhism Pscyh and Mental Health  

Opportunities to harmonize academic knowledge with practical applications for living a fulfilling life are rare within the university milieu. This program stood as a beacon of such balance, offering a unique space where academic rigor met with practical wisdom. It was an oasis for those of us seeking not just knowledge, but transformation. The program’s value cannot be overstated—it is indeed a diamond in the rough, one that must be preserved for the enrichment it brings to its students and the broader community.


Specialist: Religion. Minor: Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health        

This program was my number one choice when deciding on my program of study. It helped me personally, and the university needs more programs like this.

2nd-Year Student

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology major, BPM minor and Science and Society minor        

I am very grateful to this program and would of dropped out of UofT without it.

5th-Year Student

HPS, Poli Sci minor and BPMH minor         

The existence of this program was a crucial factor that influenced my decision to attend U of T.


Psychology research specialist and BPMH minor

This program saved my experience at UofT. I finally felt like I could ask questions, think critically, speak critically, and it is a program that makes me look back to UofT, unlike in the life science courses. I think this program should inspire the rest of departments at UofT.


Life Science – Buddhism Minor