We note that only an hour was scheduled for this meeting, and Professors Boyagoda and Eyoh spoke for over 40% of the time. At the beginning of the meeting, students asked for recording so other students could participate, but again this was denied. We have therefore prepared these minutes with as much detail as possible.
The following Minutes are organized under five topic headings that we formulate as questions or concerns arising from the information shared by Professors Eyoh and Boyagoda at the Feb 12 meeting. In these Minutes, we summarize our notes from the meeting. Where relevant, we have consulted with program faculty to confirm facts about the program. We include these faculty responses after our own meeting notes.
Created in response to the November 2023 administrative recommendation to close the BPMH program, the Dossier contains 77 letters of support from current and past BPMH students, plus letters of support from 42 local and international scientists, scholars, and community members.
Stories about BPMH begin to appear in the press, including the major international magazine Lion's Roar
Yesterday several students attended the New College Academic Affairs meeting. BPMH was the first agenda item for this meeting. Several students spoke about the impact this situation has had on them. It seems possible that the administration may now be shifting its position.
We are writing to provide a summary and response following our recent meeting, during which several significant points regarding the ongoing process came up.
On November 30, students are planning a sit-in on campus, motivated by their coursework on Buddhist activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and “father of mindfulness,” Thích Nhất Hạnh. 
Faculty and students were shocked by this sudden news, and by the total absence of any faculty or student consultation. We are asking the Faulty of Arts & Science to revisit their decision about this program and undertake a thorough process of consultation.
We are writing to follow up with you regarding the meeting we had on November 16th, where you shared the news that a recommendation has been made to close the Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health (BPMH) program.
We wish to express our deep concern and disappointment regarding the proposed closure of the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health (BPMH) program at the University of Toronto. As current students in classes and alumnae of the BPMH program, we have personally experienced the invaluable benefits and unique opportunities that this program provides its students.