Protect the BPMH Program – Sign Our Petition Here

We wish to express our deep concern and disappointment regarding the proposed closure of the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health (BPMH) program at the University of Toronto. As current students in classes and alumnae of the BPMH program, we have personally experienced the invaluable benefits and unique opportunities that this program provides its students.

The BPMH program equips students with a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary understanding of mental health and mindfulness in its original context and fosters a holistic approach to public and personal mental health, preparing us to address the global suffering of our time. The interdisciplinary nature of the program encourages collaboration among students of diverse backgrounds and communities, creating a rich and inclusive learning environment that reflects the real-world complexities of well-being. This environment including its unique curriculum and dedicated faculty will be lost if the program is discontinued.

Furthermore, the BPMH program has consistently demonstrated its commitment to experiential and community-based learning, and the development of innovative solutions to address student wellbeing. The program is unique in its ability to offer adaptive pedagogy that meets the needs of its students; the emphasis on student voices and in-class practices diversifies students’ educational experiences, working to serve the student body. 

Classroom teachings extend beyond the academic sphere, contributing to the broader community through their application in cultivating intra- and interpersonal relationships rooted in mindful compassion. In this way, what we learn fosters positive changes in the global mental health landscape. This broad reach is possible due to the faculty’s engagement in diverse disciplines, which adds to the rich tapestry of the program.

Closing the BPMH program would not only deprive current students of an exceptional educational experience but also undermine the University of Toronto’s value as a leader in mental health pedagogy and research.The program stands as the first and only one of its kind nationwide offering an unparalleled academic experience; its continuation is vital to shaping students to become helping professionals that the world needs.

We, the undersigned students of the BPMH program and concerned supporters, respectfully request that you take multiple avenues to look further into the program’s value and listen to the student voices in support of its continuation. We understand the challenges faced by educational institutions, but we believe that preserving this program is crucial for the well-being of current and future generations of students. We urge the University of Toronto to explore alternative solutions that maintain the BPMH program’s integrity and ensure its continued contribution to the advancement of public mental health.

Thank you for your attention to our deep concerns. We hope that you will recognize the significance of the BPMH program and work towards finding a solution that involves student participation so that the program can continue to benefit the students, the university, and the broader community.